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  • The Light Princess

    Cast recording of the 2014 production at American Repertory Theater. Cast: Admad Maksoud, Jason Markoff, Corey Sullivan, Steph Jack, Kristin Wetherington, Ashley J. Monet, Alex Molina, Ben Sidell, Sean Yves Lessard, Kevin Wade, Dralla Aierken, Kay Smith, Ingrid Werner. Violin: Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh

  • The Time Traveler's Convention - original podcast album

    Performers: Phoebe Strole, Stephanie Spano, Mike Pettry, Jeff Essex, Lorinda Lisitza, and Nick Blaemire. Click to purchase on iTunes.

  • Mike Pettry: The Voices In My Head

    Mike Pettry's solo studio album. Click to purchase on iTunes.

  • Click to buy Katie Zaffrann's debut EP on iTunes, featuring "Without a Stitch On" by Mike Pettry.

  • Sheet Music

    Click to buy Mike Pettry sheet from Only $5 per song, delivered immediately in PDF format. Want a song you don't see? Contact Mike directly.

  • Clinton: The Musical

    Original off-Broadway cast album, with Mike on guitar and keyboard

  • Rooms: A Rock Romance

    original off-broadway cast recording, with Mike Pettry on keyboard. Click to purchase on iTunes.

  • Things To Ruin: The Songs of Joe Iconis

    original off-off-broadway cast album, with Mike Pettry on guitar. Click to purchase on iTunes.