For Epic Dumpster Bear on the Wii U/PS4/Steam ...

"The soundtrack is superb. These tunes get stuck in your head incredibly quickly, and the music always  drives you forward without subconciously making you rush."

- The Golden Bolt 

"The music playing over this masterpiece is fantastic ... Bravo to the composer Mike Pettry for the wonderful pieces he created."

- Destructiod

"Very good soundtrack."


For The Light Princess off-Broadway at the New Victory Theater ...

"Richly imagined and delightfully acted, this 70-minute production proves unexpected in almost every way." 

"A catchy pop score and lyrics by Mike Pettry."

- New York Times

"An astonishingly delightful new musical."

"Packs a handful of catchy tunes."

"Pettry's cheerful score gives a bright dimension to this fanciful tale of growing up."

"The Light Princess is bound to leave everyone who sees it feeling uplifted. Before kids learn to defy gravity at another musical that's been playing uptown, they should experience the delights of The Light Princess for an unforgettable first taste of live musical theater."

- Theatermania

"A fiction that charms."

- Huffington Post

For The Voices In My Head ...

"If you're in the mood for sardonic, quirky New York piano pop, Mike Pettry's your man."

- Absolute Powerpop

For Fly By Night at TheatreWorks ...

"The three authors' lyrics, melody and story blend seamlessly, floating on the crisp performances and deft work of music director Michael Pettry's quartet. "

- San Francisco Chronicle

"The onstage band ... anchors the proceedings with aplomb. ... The band is equally effective during quieter moments as it is when belting out some of the more powerful numbers."

- Stark Insider


For My Fair Lady at the Engeman ...

"The work of ... musical director Mike Pettry is impeccable."

- Northport Patch

"Mike Pettry ... rates the highest marks for music ... It was ... music perfection down to the hemisemidemiquaver."

- Times Beacon Record


For Fiddler on The Roof at the Engeman ...

"The highest praise goes to music director Mike Pettry ... whose abundance of talent made "RENT" so sensational [earlier this season]. The music is of the highest caliber and rivals that of the finest Broadway production."

- Times Beacon Record


For The Sound of Music at the Engeman ...

"Kudos go to Music Director, Mike Pettry, who always does a remarkable job."

- Northport Patch

"Pettry produced a sound that was actually Broadway pit band."

- Times Beacon Record

"Music director Mike Pettry shifts into soaring gear. The Nazis don’t stand a chance."

- Newsday